The Department of Agricultural Extension & Innovations is one of the three Departments of the School of Agricultural Sciences, Makerere University. The Department aims at improving the capacity of the School of Agricultural Sciences graduates to facilitate utilization of technical agricultural information and Technologies to solve farming problems.


Our Mission is to contribute to the achievement of the national goal of increased Agricultural Production for Food Security and Export.”  This is achieved through:

  1. Preparing professionals to serve in public and private agricultural institutions
  2. Providing resource persons to assist in the design and implementation of agricultural extension programs.
  3. Conducting research in agricultural extension education; organizational development; technology adoption and dissemination; and programme planning, implementation.


  1. Train personnel to man agricultural institutions, including research, extension services, agribusiness and school agricultural programmes;
  2. Conduct in-service training programmes for agricultural extension, agribusinesses, and relevant NGO’s through seminars, conferences, short courses and workshops.
  3. Develop, field test, and disseminate curricula materials for agricultural extension and educational institutions;
  4. Design and conduct programmatic research activities that foster agricultural development in Uganda;
  5. Disseminate research results through professional journals, meetings and seminars;
  6. Provide consultancy services to public and private institutions as well as individuals interested in agricultural extension education and related areas.

The Department has 15 full time academic staff with the following qualifications: One senior lecturer, with Ph.D., 9 lecturers (two Ph.D. and 8 MSc.) and two teaching assistants (one BSc.). In addition professionals from partner institutions within and outside Uganda contribute to the Department’s effort especially in the supervision of Postgraduate students.

  1. Since its inception the Department has trained over 1000 undergraduate students and 30 Post-graduate students (at MSc. Level). In addition the following recent and on going research and consultancy activities are among the most outstanding activities of the Department:
  2. Gender mainstreaming in the curriculum of the School of Agricultural Sciences
  3. Equity implications of Reforms in financing the Delivery of Agricultural Extension Services: A collaborative Research with the University of Reading (on-going).
  4. Measures of Extension Impact: A study of Three Agricultural Extension programmes in Hoima District, Uganda.
  5. Evaluation of Agricultural Production in Rakai District, Uganda: The SWOT Analysis.
  6. Assessment of the Impact of On-farm Trials and Demonstrations in the South-West Region, Uganda.
  7. Factors affecting the sustainability of Terraces in Kabale District, Uganda.
  8. Participation of Youth in Agriculture: A case of Iganga District, Uganda.
  9. The relative importance of various skills and attributes for success in Business of Entry-Level Managers as perceived by ADC/IDEA Project Clients.
  10. Supply Response and Technology Adoption of Selected Ugandan Maize Farmers: Econometric Analysis and Policy Implications.
  11. Evaluation of the 1996 FAF/ADC Internship Program
  12. Beneficiary assessment of the village level participatory approach used by Uganda’s Agricultural Extension Project.


Department of Agricultural Extension & Innovations
School of Agricultural Sciences
Makerere University
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