The department of Agribusiness and Natural Resource Economics is one of the 3 departments in the School of Agricultural Sciences. The department has 17 full time academic staff members, 9 of whom have PhD degrees specializing in various areas of Agricultural Economics, Agribusiness and Rural Development. Three are registered for PhD and are at various stages of completion whereas the three Teaching Assistants are in the final stages of their MSc degree training. Owing to an ever-increasing demand and a heavy work load, the department continues to draw on the expertise available within the School of Agricultural Sciences, the Makerere University Business School, the College of Business and Management Sciences, the Department of Women and Gender studies and others. Hence, another 20 members of staff serve the department on a part-time basis. In addition to their primary teaching responsibilities, all academic staff members are involved in a diversity of research and outreach activities. The department offers both undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs in Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness Management. The department teaches all economics and management courses to the undergraduate students of the Faculty of Agriculture and some courses to students from Faculty of Social Sciences offering BA(SS) Rural Economy option.


The department continues to receive demands/requests for short non-degree training courses/opportunities in a number of areas including agribusiness management, agricultural policy and trade analysis, natural resource and environmental economics, and livestock economics. These are demands the department must address and do so quickly. Some of these short courses could eventually be developed into Makerere University diploma programs depending on interest and circumstances. 

To be the leading provider of training and research in agricultural economics, development economics and agribusiness management in Uganda and the Eastern African region. The mission of the department is to: “enhance the capacity and capability of students and all economic development practitioners for effective policy making, teaching and research through provision of knowledge and skills”.

The department is mandated to develop human resource capacity at different levels and undertake research, outreach and advocacy in the areas of agricultural economics, development economics and agribusiness management to support the national goals of economic development and poverty reduction.

Departmental Goals
The strategic goal of the Department of Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness is to provide the required insights and leadership to transform and modernize the agricultural sector by regularly aligning her programs and research agenda to the needs of the sector.


  1. To motivate and encourage students, including females, to choose a career in Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness Management.
  2. To provide knowledge and create a conducive environment for effective learning and independent thinking.
  3. To promote scholarship and encourage development oriented research and widely disseminate research findings.
  4. To attract, develop, support and retain quality staff.
  5. To engage and contribute to national debates in the areas of rural development and poverty eradication and to create an atmosphere for academic exchange on pertinent issues of national development.
  6. To support the farming and Agribusiness community through provision of advice, advocacy and vocational skills.
  7. To engage in local, regional and international networks for effective training, research, advocacy and exchange of information.

Departmental Competencies
The department has fourteen permanent members of academic staff and three Teaching Assistants on contract terms, nine of whom are PhD degree holders while the others are pursuing PhD or MSc degrees. Other scholars of various specializations support the Department. 

Training Programs
The department runs/services the following undergraduate and postgraduate programs:

Undergraduate Programs

  1. Bachelor of Science in Agriculture - This is a four-year Program. It has 5 options including Agricultural Economics, which the department offers.
  2. Bachelor of Agribusiness Management (BABM) – This is a three year program. It graduated the first group of 18 students during the 2003/2004 academic year. The second batch of 50 students graduated in 2004/2005 academic year.

Postgraduate Programs

  1. Master of Science (MSc) program in Agricultural Economics. This is a two year program with coursework and thesis. Students undertake coursework during the first year of study and research leading to an Ms.C. thesis during the second year of study.
  2. Master of Agribusiness Management (MABM) launched in 1999. It is a two year program with coursework in year one and thesis in year two.
  3. Collaborative Masters Program in Agricultural and Applied Economics (CMAAE) was officially launched in September 2005. This is a program of 16 Universities in 12 Countries in Eastern Central and Southern Africa. It is a two year program with coursework and thesis. A special feature of this program is a third semester for specialization and elective courses offered at a shared facility currently located at the University of Pretoria, South Africa.
  4. Master of Science in Development and Natural Resource Economics. This is a two year pilot program offered in collaboration with the Norwegian University of Life Sciences. It is supported by NOMA. Other collaborating Universities are Bunda College of the University of Malawi, Hawassa University and Makelle University in Ethiopia. The Norwegian University of Life Sciences awards the degrees.
  5. The department also has a thriving Ph.D. program in the area of Agricultural Economics. Currently a total of 5 students are registered for the PhD degree in the department.

The department has strengthened its linkages with IFPRI, FASID and Earth University in Costa Rica among others and opened up new collaboration with the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (Norway), Bunda College (Malawi); and Hawassa and Makelle University (Ethiopia).

The Department is in partnership with Bunda College Malawi, Moshi University of Cooperatives and Business Studies, and University of Zambia in an exchange program of young staff supported by the Norwegian government under the Fredskorpset-Norway.


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